Discovering The Bible DVD with PDFs – Various Artists


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Trim : DVD
Publisher : Vision Video
Release Date : 18/03/2005

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Four half-hour programmes to introduce the Bible Programme 1: Getting Acquainted It’s the all-time best-seller since the beginning of printing. It has produced passionate controversy for centuries. What is the book that is like none other in the history of the world? Where did it come from? What does it consist of? Does it still speak to us today? Programme 2: The Old Testament An ancient book? Yes, but far more! It’s a kind of love letter and a still-living legacy that shaped the identity of a unique people. What about the Dead Sea Scrolls? The accurate preservation of the contents over millennia underscores the marvel of these writings. Programme 3: The New Testament It’s a book that centers on Jesus. But how do we know we have the actual words of Jesus? How were the books of the New Testament gathered and selected? What’s it all about? How does the New Testament build upon but differ from the Old Testament? Programme 4: Survival, Spread, and Influence Despite attempts of tyrants to destroy it, the Bible has endured and become the most translated and circulated book ever. It was translated into various art forms and given to us in English through heroic efforts. It’s the book that influenced the lives that influenced the world. PDFs included on the DVD: -32-page leader’s guide -16-page student workbook -Full-colour, 32-page supplement