2 Peter – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Expository Sermons on 2 Peter
Pages : 272
Trim : Hardcover
Publisher : Banner of Truth
Release Date : 21/06/1905

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When Dr. Lloyd-Jones preached these twenty-five sermons on 2 Peter (October 1946-1947) comparatively few saw their far-reaching significance. The minister of Westminster Chapel, London, was proposing to rebuild a congregation on lines strangely unfamiliar in post-war Britain. The sermons’ form – authoritative, expository preaching – and, still more, their content, were against all the prevailing trends. J. I. Packer, one of his younger hearers in the late 1940s, has written: ‘I had never heard such preaching and was electrified. All that I know about preaching, I can honestly say, I learned from “the Doctor”. I have never heard another preacher with so much of God about him’. The content of this volume is its chief warrant for publication. But as a record of Dr. Lloyd-Jones’ first extensive series of sermons on any one book of Scripture it also has some special interest. With treatment which is broader and less detailed than normal (intentionally he does not deal with every verse) his hearers were introduced to expository preaching. Now, in this format, his 2 Peter sermons will provide an introduction for others to a type of reading which is able, under God, to strengthen Christians and churches around the world.