All profits from The Source go to help fund church buildings and Christian schools through our ministry Vision Uganda. Here’s some information about our projects.

A good brick building is a huge benefit to churches in Uganda. The old mud and stick ones are small, dark, dusty and need constant maintenance. A new brick building is so much more efficient and helps to encourage people to come to the church who might be put off by a mud building. It also establishes the land under the ownership of the church.

We run a scheme to help fund brick church buildings. If a church is sound and godly and have built the foundations of a new building, we will match any money they contribute themselves at a rate of 12:1. We visit every church we help with, to ensure the church is established on right biblical principles.

We also help with the construction of classrooms for Christian schools linked to churches.

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A new brick building being built around an old mud-and-stick version, and the finished version minus doors and windows.

An old thatched mud building looks idylic, but has lots of problems. Here, the new building under construction

Another old mud building in the background, and the new building under construction.

A wooden board building and the foundations of a new building surrounding it.

 One of our new buildings with the roof on, but not yet finished.

  Old classrooms on the left (partly collapsed), being replaced with new brick ones (like the ones on the right).

This is just a small amount of the churches we are helping. More information is available at