Chasing the Dragon – Jackie Pullinger


A True Story of Hope, Courage and Faith in Changing the Destiny of the Hong Kong’s Walled City
Pages : 272
Trim : Paperback
Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton
Release Date : 01/02/2006

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Chasing the Dragon is a missionary biography that centres upon Hong Kong’s most dangerous territory: the Walled City. Until it was demolished, the Walled City had forged a reputation as a lawless area where even police felt forbidden to enter. The area had become synonymous with drug dealing, prostitution, murder, blackmail and fear. In 1966, Jackie Pullinger set sail from Britain with little inclination that she would be ‘called’ by God to the Walled City. Jackie Pullinger’s missionary autobiography tells of how her strong faith encouraged brutal Triad gangsters to convert, prostitutes to quit, and drug addicts to clean up. “Chasing The Dragon” is a testament to selfless commitment and human kindness towards others.