Christ, the Eternal Son – A. W. Tozer


Pages : 162
Trim : Paperback
Publisher : Bethany House
Release Date : 30-Mar-09

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The book, “Christ the Eternal Son” by A W Tozer is on the Gospel of John – one that has long mystified and perplexed Biblical scholars. Straying from the simplicity of the Synoptic Gospels, John’s take is much more cryptic and spiritual. A W Tozer examines this Gospel in pieces, looking at God’s relationship with man qualitatively. In “Christ the Eternal Son,” Tozer asks how can a self-existent God relate to His human creations? The miraculous gap was bridged, Tozer declares, when the “Word became flesh!” A W Tozer brings his powerful theology to life in this book, continually reminding the reader of the incredible grace of God. Great are those who are sensitive enough to hear God’s voice in their lives. Tozer makes the simple yet profound suggestion to the doubting believer of spending five genuine minutes seeking the Lord and kneeling at His mercy, then considering their nearness to God. He illuminates these truths through the story of Nicodemus, the Pharisee who was willing to hear the Lord’s call. The whole of the Gospel narrative is spread throughout this book, each page brings a new tenet of God’s masterful plan for redemption. Tozer reveals one of his own principles of grace, saying that “everything is wrong until Jesus sets it right!” This basic and manageable notion of the Gospel is the foundation of Tozer’s logical argument throughout and leaves the reader inspired quietly to do the will of God.