Faith Beyond Reason: With God Nothing Is Impossible – A. W. Tozer


Pages : 160
Trim : Paperback
Publisher : Wing Spread Publisher
Release Date : 18-Nov-09


Faith Beyond Reason,” a book by A W Tozer, is a compilation of sermons on the book of John. It is within this series of sermons that you will find A W Tozer addressing the whole truth that all things are possible with God. Tozer takes us in “Faith Beyond Reason” to a new understanding of our spiritual birth and human conscience and addresses our enlightened spirit, inner knowledge and the resurrection. IT is these truths that sustain us in our Christian walk. Faith Beyond Reason comes to us with insights of faith and Tozer takes an in depth look and what it stands on. In Tozer’s typical fashion and style, he explores the things that are beyond or frail human understanding. “Faith Beyond Reason” will leave you with a new and empowering sense of the faith while subtly revealing the power of God in our lives. The question every Christian must ask as they prepare to walk with God is, do they really believe that the God they worship will move heaven and earth for them if they truly trust in Him? The whole premise of this book is that with God nothing is impossible especially when it comes to His children. We must act with faith and do what is needed.