Moses, Servant Of God – F. B. Meyer


Pages : 256
Trim : Paperback
Publisher : Whitaker House
Release Date : 03/06/2014

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From renowned Bible scholar F B Meyer comes this fascinating, all-encompassing profile of one the most important figures in Scripture. Meyer digs deeply into both Scripture and the historical record to reveal lessons and personal applications from this complex man of faith. Far from the imposing man of granite sculpted by Michelangelo, Moses was full of flaws and deficiencies that rendered him powerless, save for the all-sufficient grace of a mighty God. Yet, despite many frustrations and human frailties, Moses did not back down or quit but instead grew closer to the heart of God, learning the importance of obedience, patience, courage, faith and prayer. As a result, God entrusted His servant with greater responsibility. Woven throughout this character study are wonderful lessons and realities that can help all believers become better able to serve God and others.