Preparing For Jesus’ Return – A. W. Tozer


Pages : 224
Trim : Paperback
Publisher : Regal Books
Release Date : 16/10/2012

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A timely perspective on how to live for God now while anticipating Christ’s return! This compilation of Tozer’s teachings on Revelation explores the renowned writer’s belief that the purpose of prophecy is to lift our gaze from the immediate to the eternal while empowering us to focus on being witnesses, disciples, and worshipers today Just as in our day, people under the teaching ministry of A. W. Tozer wondered about the End Times. How should we read the book of Revelation? What does it mean for how believers live our lives? In this never-before-published book, today’s Christians can learn from one of the twentieth century Church’s most profound thinkers and pastors. Tozer’s teaching on Revelation offers a fresh and timely perspective on the purpose of prophecy, which the renowned writer believed was to lift our gaze from the immediate to the eternal. Preparing for Jesus’ Return offers readers a panoramic view of what is to come and explores what it means for individuals, churches and the world.