What’s In The Bible Vol. 9 – Vischer and Denver


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Join Buck Denver, Clive and Ian, and Captain Pete in the 9th exciting ‘What’s In The Bible?’ DVD. From the co-creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Visher continues his mission to teach our kids the entire bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Buck Denver and his trusty gang of puppets and cartoons will guide you and your family through the 17 major and minor prophets, including: – Jonah and the Whale, – Daniel in the Lion’s Den, – Hope-filled prophecies of Isaiah. ‘What’s In The Bible?’ does what Horrible Histories did for history lessons. The fun-filled DVDs teach the Bible through colourful cartoon, silly songs, and quirky characters that captivate kids. In fact, even parents confess to laughing out loud alongside their kids. For those of you who are thinking – but what is ‘What’s In The Bible?’, watch the trailer above to get a taste of the educational fun you and your kids have been missing out. These DVDs have been entertaining many families, Sunday schools, and children’s club all over the nation. And with a total of 13 in the series, it’s not too late to catch up! Phil Vischer, the co-creator of the world famous Veggie Tales, has been hard at work stealing viewing time from Disney and Nickelodeon. His aim: to raise the next generation of Christians with the confidence to live what they believe.