Allison’s Journey: The Brides Of Webster County – Wanda Brunstetter


The Brides Of Webster County Book 4
Pages : 320
Trim : Paperback
Publisher : Barbour Books
Release Date : 02/06/2015

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Allison Troyer is of marriageable age and needs to learn how to manage an Amish household. Can a girl who feels as faceless, purposeless and neglected as her tattered Amish doll, find her way among strangers? James Esh likes what he sees when Allison Troyer walks into the barn. Will anything keep this brash young Amish man from stealing her affections? Aaron Zook has vowed never to lose his heart to another. Yet when James makes advances on Allison, Aaron can’t help but intercede. Can threads of faith and love unite tattered hearts? Now available in mass makert size, Allison’s Journey is book 4 in the The Brides of Webster County series. Other books in the series include Going Home: Book 1, On Her Own: Book 2, Dear to Me: Book 3.