Beyond the Winter Night – Carine MacKenzie


Hope in the face of death
Pages : N/A
Trim : Paperback
Publisher : Christian Focus
Release Date : N/A


The suffering of those who have lost loved ones can be deep, unending and lonely. It is surprising how easy it is to touch a raw nerve.

When trying to help you’re faced with a difficult task finding words of comfort: what can you say to a mother whose child has died? how can you console her when the tears keep coming and the ache refuses to go away?

At these times we feel our need for help the most: the help that can only come from those whose experience mirrors ther person we wish to comfort. In this book you will find people who have experienced and understood loss, have shared times of hope, and proved the ever listening God.

Let Elaine Brown take you, for a while, into the lives of those who have lost, and yet lived. This is a practical, sensitive approach to death and dying – as one says in the book, ‘One day I shall join them, and the long sadness will be over.’

Life, after all, is only the beginning of so much more.