Christian in an Age of Terror – D. Martin Lloyd-Jones


Selected Sermons of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones 1941-1950
Pages : 256
Trim : Paperback
Publisher : New Wine Press
Release Date : 01/01/2007

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These sermons of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, edted by Dr. Michael Eaton – an expert on Lloyd- Jones theology, were preached at Westminster Chapel at a time when the nations of Europe had been engaged in a fierce conflict. Lloyd-Jones took the time to teach his congregation about the threat of persecution and suffering and how it should be viewed. By 1947 when the war was over he sought to refocus the people on the basics of the faith with a series of messages entitled, What is a Christian? based on Romans 8. These messages illustrate a period where things were dark and dangerous and the threat of terror constant. Since the rise of terrorism in the 21st Century these sermons have become startlingly relevant to what is happening in our own times. Readers will find hope, encouragement and a balanced view of how Christians should live during an age of terror.