The Billy Graham British Crusade Choirs 1954-91 – Various Artists


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Trim : CD
Publisher : Southern Cross Music
Release Date : 14/10/2014

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Introducing a wonderful celebration of the music and choirs that were so much a part of the Billy Graham Crusades in the UK over more than 30 years of Billy Graham’s ministry here. There is a uniqueness about a choir in the UK because the men usually sing a men’s part – unlike many parts of the world where men struggle with the melody. Of course, so much is lost when the harmony is not included, but I never worried about that in the UK because those male voices were always present and they sang the hymns with joy and understanding. That is one of the blessings of the choral ministry in Britain that I appreciated most of all. The blend, the balance, and the blessing are so wonderfully united with the volunteer choir in the UK. What a joy it has been for me to lead them, to encourage them, and to enjoy them. May those who listen to this CD experience the same joy. This is my prayer. – Cliff Barrows, musical director for the Billy Graham Crusades.