The Upper Room – J. C. Ryle


Pages : 592
Trim : Paperback
Publisher : Whitaker House
Release Date : 03/03/2015

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“…they went up into an upper room…” Acts 1:13 Fresh from the miraculous sight of their beloved Master ascending into heaven, and with the message of angels regarding His impending return still ringing in their ears, Jesus’ followers returned from Mount Olivet to Jerusalem and went at once “into an upper room” (Acts 1:13). This was the first meeting place of Christians for worship and the forerunner of every church and cathedral in Christendom in the last two thousand years. Thus begins the sweep of doctrinal topics in this collection of sermons and lectures by Bishop J. C. Ryle. Despite having been written a century ago, their robust evangelical doctrine and down-to-earth application give them an astonishingly contemporary ring. With a vibrant tone and an occasional flash of humour, Ryle’s evangelistic zeal and tender pastoral concern engage the reader’s attention. “The age needs nothing new. It only needs the bold and steady proclamation of the old truths which were held in the ‘upper room’ at Jerusalem.”