31 Great Chapters of the Old Testament – Roger Ellsworth


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We are all called to great living. What is great living? It is living in which we rise above the small and trivial to achieve the purpose for which God made us. What is that purpose? It is to live in such a way as to bring pleasure and glory to the Creator (Rev. 4:11). We cannot live this way on our own. We must have help, and God has graciously given us help in his Word. The Bible gives us his guidelines for living. It tells us what he expects of us. But the Bible does even more. In a mysterious and wonderful way, it actually imparts strength to us for living. The psalmist David knew about this quality and prayed: ‘Strengthen me according to Your word’ (Ps.119:28). Nothing is more important for us, then, than to know our Bibles very well. There are, of course, many ways to do this. One method that has proven to be of particular blessing to the people of God through the centuries is mastering the Bible’s best-known and best-loved chapters. As we focus on some of these chapters, we shall find both increased understanding and increased strength for living.


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