Isaiah Vol. 2 Chs 28-66 Mentor Hardback – Paul House


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Academic Commentary
Isaiah as author of whole book
Yahweh’s determination to redeem his people

Isaiah is a book of literary, historical, theological and ecclesial riches. Paul R. House contends that Isaiah wrote the whole book during his long ministry. Predicts the coming of the Messiah. Strives to treat Isaiah as a prophetic book, as a work that highlights major themes such as creation, sin in its many manifestations (e.g. covenant breaking), proper ethical behaviour, approaching judgement often described as ‘the day of Yahweh’, and renewal effected by Yahweh’s redeeming work. Yahweh displays indomitable determination to redeem in Isaiah. All Yahweh’s covenants will be kept, the dead shall rise, justice will prevail, and the Davidic messiah will play the key role in this inexorable victory.

Paul R. House
Paul R. House is Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama. He has been pastor or teacher in churches, Christian colleges, and seminaries for over thirty years


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