The Secret of Guidance – F. B. Meyer


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This is an excellent, illuminating book. Famous pastor and evangelist F. B. Meyer writes on a level that few can match, speaking to the deep places of the heart and helping us become more spiritual people.
Not only does Meyer deal in a very practical way with the question of guidance, but he addresses the great issues of the Christian’s character, shining light on the obstacles we face and helping us to be more Christ-like.
The profound godliness of the writing cannot help but have a pow-erful effect on the Christian who longs to walk more closely with God.

“It is a fact that as soon as a soul trusts Christ, it is born into Christ’s family and becomes a child. There is no doubt about this. You may not feel good, or earnest, or anxious; you may even be conscious of recent failure; but if you have received Christ and have truly trusted in Him, you have been born again. If you were wise, you would take the child’s place at the Father’s table and enjoy His smile. They await you.”

FREDERICK BROTHERTON MEYER (1847-1929) was born in London and became a pastor at the age of twenty-three. He quickly gained renown as a powerful preacher and became friends with D. L. Moody. He held various important pastorates but devoted much of his life to helping those neglected by society. His preaching was instrumental in the beginnings of the Welsh Revival as it awakened Evan Roberts to serious prayer. He wrote numerous books and was a regular speaker at the Keswick Convention.


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