Systematic Theology – Wayne Grudem


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When Dr Wayne Grudem first published his great Systematic Theology, it was a true milestone in theological teaching. Here at last was a simple but comprehensive Systematic Theology that was easily read by ‘ordinary’ Christians as well as academics. Grudem combines the highest standards of scholarship with a warm style and a thoroughly spiritual godly evangelicalism. This is a work that can be read a chapter at a
time as well as being used for reference.
It is both devotional and erudite. What is a systematic theology? It’s a book that sets out the things Christians believe in a logical order, subject by subject. Grudem takes us through the nature of God, His person, attributes, the Trinity, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Salvation, the church and all the other subjects that make up the major tenets of our faith. He sets out variations in current and historical evangelical Christian belief and then explains what he believes and why.
Grudem emphasises that we are reading theology not to gain academic knowledge primarily but to draw nearer to God. With that in mind, he also includes questions at the end of each chapter and a hymn on the subject he has been teaching.
We cannot recommend this work highly enough. It should be on every Christian’s bookshelf. For those reading theology it is an essential work; for those not studying it formally – if they read and absorb this book they will have gained one of the major features of a Bible college degree.


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