The Holy War – John Bunyan



The complexities of the Christian life are often overlooked, but in The
Holy War Bunyan has found a way to lay everything bare. Using the analogy of a town
under siege to represent a human soul, he goes deeply into the whole matter of
true spiritual warfare. He describes the different methods of the Enemy and the
mistakes that people make which enable him to get an advantage. He also shows
how Emmanuel, with infinitely greater wisdom and power, ultimately is able to
step in, redeem and preserve.Although not always the simplest of books to read,
those willing to persevere are richly rewarded with powerful insights and deep
revelations about the whole matter of redemption, which can only cause them to
be led into greater worship and adoration of the Saviour.
This edition retains Bunyan’s own powerful diction, reset for a new generation.


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